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    Icon4 Vampires and Wolves

    My friend loves wolves and near Bone Bog Cemetery in this little new thing everyone is fighting over which one is better. Personally I think wolves are but it is getting real dumb with all the fighting. I went in there and they were literally all clawing each other I ran out of there but my friend was just in there still fighting with them. I dont want to get them in trouble but it is getting out of hand. All the wolves are dressed in wolf costumes and all the vamps are dressed in the vampire outfits. I keep wtaching them and it is starting to get better but I still see quite alot of fighting. After I read these awesome Vampire books I dont know which ones are better

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    Default Re: Vampires and Wolves

    lol ive heard all this even before the packs came out -_-....
    its all because of twilight -_-
    Epic Liam is on every server. . .

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    Default Re: Vampires and Wolves

    So grab a silver tipped wooden stake and go at 'em!
    [Ducks quick behind some robgoblins and loot!]

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