Hello..... i am making a vampire academy for girl and boy vampires to join the academy first you must know the classes so here they are:

Vampire history october 16--october 19
Learning to suck blood october 20--october-30
The were wolf fight october 31 halloween

anything after that can be done at random times

Remember i am teacher for all classes and these are the rules of the school

1. no rude behavior
2. be nice just cuz its vampires doesnt mean have no feelings
3. always listen

if you disobey one of the rules this could happen

first time: 3 day supended (if you still try to come you will be locked in the classroom while others go out to the lessons)

second time: 3 week suspended

third time: suspended forever

here is the skills classes

agility (Test your speed for catching humans and pixies to drink blood)
climbing (Test your climbing to get in houses that are locked from vampires)
smartness (See how smart you are to get past traps and other things)

now to come you must fill out the application below

Do you agree to the rules?
what class are you taking?
what skill class are you taking?

ty for joining my academy