Hey, so these are all the updates/news I have found and went over. This list starts from bottom to top. These are the updates that has happened in the past few months. (Btw thank you others for posting news I may have used your page for the link because they were the only ones i could find, the more older posts are mine. Also this list starts from BOTTOM (oldest) TO TOP (newest)
Latest Update (7/30/13):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...-7-30-a-62926/ (Update 7/30)
Latest News:http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...-update-62806/ (Producer Update!)
Wonder Mystery Chest:http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...wonders-62438/ (Mystery Chest #4: Chest of Wonders)
Member's Pack Octopus (July): http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...s-train-62262/ (Octopus TRAIN!)
Member's Pack Bank (June):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...01/#post990787 (June's Members Pack!)
Update (6/20/13):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...ed-here-61845/ (All the Changes in Update Listed Here.)
Dresses + Earrings, Etc (5/29/13):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...19/#post989841 (Earrings + More Dresses + New Things!)
Mother's Day Items + Ride (5/14/13): SC Shop: New Ride & Mother's Day Items!
Hero Rises Pt. 2 (5/14/13):A Hero Rises Part 2!
Easter Egg Hunt (3/29/13):Easteregg Hunt!
Rumbledome TCG Series (3/19/13): Rumbledome TCG Series Almost Here!
St. Patrick's Day Quest (3/16/13):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for.../2/#post970750 (Pot o' Gold Guide! *UPDATED WITH 4TH QUEST!*)
St. Patrick's Day Update (3/16/13):http://www.freerealmsinsider.com/for...05/#post970370 (An Exciting Update! (March 15th, 2013))

Just thought it would be nice to have it.
I'm gonna try to stay on top of things in my group now that im back from my summer trip. If you want to join that would be great (: Nice to have if you know you're going to take a break and you come back and you could just check it out!

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