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    Default Update Details What's Been added!

    Hey! As you know there has recently been an update. Well here's what changed!
    There's a new title page when you log in and as you've already seen (maybe not) there's a quest coming out for St. Patrick's Day.
    The chat has been rearranged.
    As you can see there's no more small chat box and now there are four different attack/actions, instead of the normal three.
    But of course Free Realms wouldn't get rid of the chat box! No! Just go to the chat symbol on the left side of your screen, pull up the chat history, and low-and-behold there's the chat box!
    (Free Realms reverted semi-back to the old ways.)
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    Default Re: Update Details What's Been added!

    I need to know where the pot is D:

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