I purchased a Briarwood farm. First, found that though I'm a 12th farmer in my Wilds farm, the Briarwood farm has me starting all over at level one. Worse, it asks me to plant crops like Sunleaf that requires you be at least 19th level. It says in any job, but when I tried planting in different jobs on my farm - it still won't allow it. So in fact you have to be 19th level FARMER to plant sunleaf. This makes no sense as my quest is to level up from 4th or 5th now in Briarwood Farm. Obviously, by the time I'm 19th and 20th level farmer - that quest will be useless for gaining experience.

This is something Free Realms needs to look into and either fix or adjust the quest to allow growing crops that require less then being a 19th or 20th level farmer. Also that be a farmer of a level on one farm should be the same on another farm you purchase.