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Title: Trendy junk

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    Default Trendy junk

    u eva went to skool and saw ONE KID with something cute.small and kool..then the magic question is asked ''gasp! where'd you get that'' you think nothin of it but next day every kid in skool got that item. yup trends...u could b the trendsetter or follower ive seen trends like
    silly bands (rubby wrist band in shpe of anything!!!)
    hightops keychains (cute shoes on keyrings)
    invisible ink pens (name says it all) and more
    have u been through or setted trends if so WHAT?
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    peek-A-boo , jasmine c u merry christmas

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    Default Re: Trendy junk

    Lol.... I have seen a lot of people with the bracelets that say: I <3 -Haha no o.e-

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