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    Default Trades-Please Trade

    Hey guys I have some trades that are being offered: Red finger less gloves for SC purple, SC yellow Dark Mid for SC purple. Also I am looking for SC purple chief, sandals, just let me know
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    Default Re: Trades-Please Trade

    Hey there Eclipse! (:
    Just a heads up for next time you start a trading post, you should really post it under The Free Market, because that's where we discuss all of our trades and offers.
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    Default Re: Trades-Please Trade

    Hey Eclipse! I'm glad that you are posting, but for the rules of the forum, the mods and admins encourage you to please post in the Free Market.

    If you are ordinarily not at the exceeding amount of posts, try to reach the amount with the correct information.

    The rules to posting comments (if you post and it is a helpful post.... who knows! You might just get access to unlocking Free Market sooner!)

    1. No inappropriate language
    2. No spams unless it is needed
    3. Only post necessary comments
    4. Follow the post's rules
    5. Only post to be useful, don't just post to hurry things up because people are going to find you annoying and might not wanna stick with ya. Be patient and post useful stuff!

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