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Title: A Topic Definitely Worth Re-Posting

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    Icon11 A Topic Definitely Worth Re-Posting

    This was a thread posted by Spellbinder Ragu on the official Free Realms forums. The words in white are from Ragu. The words in orange are from Nik-Nak of SOE (one of the game designers).

    I know, I know... same ol' thread. I am just going to give some suggestions and how things could have been/could be better in Free Realms.

    • Public Test Server - After the Beta server(s) were wiped, they could have been used for a public test server to test new content so that it isn't quite as bugged or glitched.
      I was talking with Steve about this last night. There are convincing reasons to have one, but a strangely large number of hoops to get one running. No word on this yet.
    • Seaside Party - How many of you still have Seaside stickers? I do! I think that this should be/should have been returned every year.
      Our "token" system is ungood. I'm all for holiday event tokens and seasonal merchants to pick your own prizes, but we have work to do to make this better before we re-introduce this.
    • Vault - Is having three consistent currencies such a hard concept to handle? The Vault could have been left as it was.
      See Seaside Party.
    • Pet Trainer - Is it really so hard to draw out shapes to level a job? I personally thought that it was the easiest job besides Adventurer, but I guess not...
      It wasn't a matter of difficulty, it was a matter of fun vs time invested. Drawing lines to get your pet to do a trick just wasn't fun. Unfortunately that left us with a job with no obvious purpose, so it was removed. It's possible that it will return with a new focus, but there's nothing to announce on that yet.
    • Fisherman - Works great as is, but having more of a progression questline like the other jobs have, besides Adventurer, would be great.
    • Combat - Could have been altered slightly and the UI made more sleek like it is now with this recent update. Did not need to be reduced to 2-3 buttons, could have been 5 buttons like it was previously, especially where we have seen that it is possible with the new sleek tool bar UI feature.
      4 ability buttons are back. That's not an accident. Just sayin~
    • Farming - Perfect except for the sample glitch.
      What's the sample glitch?
    • Treasure Wars - Good as is, but could use more incentive to play
    • Sunstone Valley - Mobs could be made non-aggro so that Adventurers could explore more easily and those that need the mobs will initiate the combat upon themselves.
      Initially non-aggressive mobs that can be attacked is a concept we will use, but it's not right for Sunstone. Sunstone is intended to be a dangerous place - in fact it was originally supposed to be all level 20 and was scaled down late in development. I'm pretty sure it will go back to level 20 once the Sacred Grove revisions are complete.
    • Gloam Invasion - Drop rate not adjusted on pets so they were more easy to get and not 1 in 10K.
      The pet drop rates were never reduced. When the consumables were introduced, it reduced some of the chance to get wearables. The pet chances remained the same. Fewer were dropping from day to day because more and more people had them, reducing the cries of "I got the bear!"
    • New chat UI - Reverted to the old chat UI from before the Snow Days update. A lot less clunky and your whispers weren't made public
      I like the new chat layout! There are some issues with how messages are handles, but visually I think it's a huge improvement.
    • Playgrounds - Destroyed except for Roland Spore's which was a contest prize and space was made in the world for it. These REALLY ruin immersion to find just a random struncture made of blocks... you could still have the merchants, but do we really need to have these giant, unnatural looking things in the middle of the world?
      Oh yeah, these are gone.
    • Coin Shop - Destroyed, but all of the items in it would return to the original Merchant system that we used before the December updates. I remember learning where all of the merchants were and which merchants sold which items... good times.
      There's a point for both the coin shop and merchants. Expect to see more things exclusive to merchants and the coin shop getting cleaned up - slowly.
    • Dropping bags - Back before the Snow Days update, monsters dropped bags of coin, with a chance of gear. If the monsters dropped bags with maybe even just coins, there could be more incentive to run them. Maybe there could be new types of items in them? This could coexist with the spinner system, which is what replaced the drop bags.
      You won't see bags in overworld combat, but it's likely they will return and again replace the wheel for dungeons.

    I have played Free Realms since shortly after launch, and I know that this will always be my home based off of the wonderful community, between FRI (I wish this was still active!), MM, and the community team and the Official Forums, this game really does have a decent community considering its general demographic.

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: A Topic Definitely Worth Re-Posting

    I enjoyed reading this conversation thanks for the post Celestina. It seems $OE is made aware of alot of the same suggestions/criticisms I have for the game. Hopefully they will reintroduce pet trainer one day, although they did not outright announce it would be done, this conversation gives me some hope that it is possible.
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    Default Re: A Topic Definitely Worth Re-Posting

    Glad that my post was useful to you. I have been wanting to make a post similar to that, and I am pleased that it was able to get the response that I did.
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