My title says it all! Lets begin the countdown. These are the top 5 Boss battles that I have found to be the most challenging in all of Free Realms.

#5. Chugawump (Briarheart Boss)

This guy when I first started was a HUGE pain in the butt to beat. He is one of the lesser known bosses in the game due to his weird spot in the game as Briarheart is inactive unlike it's sisterland Briarwood. Now Chugawump is difficult cause he requires you to be at LEAST level 13 in order to duel him, along with the fact he has an attack increaser move and a defense increaser as well. Both of these are a PAIN to overcome. It is recommended that you NEVER face him if you are level 13-16 unless you have the Briarsting bow and potions to help. Now he does get easy so that is why he is ranked so low on the list.


1. Defense Boost
2. Attack Boost
3. Standard Swing

#4. Commander Kluggencrush (Tanglewood Fort Final Boss)

Much like Chugawump this guy has a defense increasing attack. He will ALWAYS knock you out no matter how high your level is. He isn't THAT hard but just a bit harder than Chugawump. He also needs you to be at least level 13 in order to face him but NEVER enter at ANY level below 16. Not much else to say other than pack up orbs such as stun and confuse and PLENTY of potions. Those archers aiding him are just as bad.


1. Defense Boost
2. Attack Boost
3. Standard Swing
4. Archers Aiding
5. Knockback Swing

#3. Jeffery (Final Boss of the Royal Questline)

Ahhh Jeffery.... I highly recommend that you go in a group cause he is very overpowered despite you being level 18. He is brutal when first facing this guy as he has tons of guards at his disposal to pound you into the ground with. To best Jeffery I say you go with at least 2 other people who are fairly high leveled and have potions and orbs as usual. First you SHOULD take out the Guards and Captains he sends after you first so that way you will have an open attack at Jeffery without being distracted by his minions. Next whenever your health gets low RUN to the door and heal as fast as you can or just have or be a medic. Do all of these correctly and Jeffery will fall easily.


1. Standard Punch
2. Guards Aiding
3. Large Darkness Attack (forgot what it was)

#2. Fizzbang (Sunstone Valley Boss)

I could have chosen any of the other Sunstone Valley bosses over Fizzbang but I just find him a tad bit higher. Not much to say about him other than he has a HUGEEEEEEEE defense stat and his health doesn't help at all. His attacks will easily perish any max level players in a heart beat. Take orbs, potions, and LOTS of friends to help you. I've tried beating him with 10 people and he till K.O.'d most of them. NEVER EVER go in alone, he will cost you thousands in respawning fees.


1. Overpowered Standard Attack
2. Annoying Stun Attack

#1. Necronomicus (Hero's Journey Final Boss)

We all know who would take this spot.... This guy... this flippin' guy is the most OVERPOWERED, RIDICULOUSLY HARD, EPICEST boss in Free Realms History.... We all know how hard this guy is. Go in with a full group of level 20 players and he'll still beat you senseless. Soloing is impossible with this guy as he is just way too hard to even beat. Take hundreds of potions and orbs to deal with this guy as he has 3 phases to torture you with

1st Phase: The easiest phase of the 3, Necronomicus is a tiny pixie with lots of annoying spells to blast your way, just pound him with arrows and hammers and he falls QUICK.

2nd Phase: Necronomicus summons Zombie friends to sick on you. Easy enough just destroy the spawn-points and the Zombies die fastly. No real challenge.

3rd Phase: Necronomicus is DONE letting you push him around. This time he forms into a GIANT Gloam Skeleton and BRUTALLY throws you around like ragdolls in a blender. This is the phase that is not able to be solo'd. He sicks every single attack he has at you and your friends to literally kill you.


1st Phase

1. Basic Spell Throw
2. Spinning Ground Vortex

2nd Phase (Zombies)

1. Standard Attack

3rd Phase (Zombies)

1. Standard Overpowered Attack
2. Takes his head off and spins it around
3. Chestbeam Attack (Instant K.O. Attack)
4. Fingerflick Attack
5. Kick Attack
6. Stunning Pound Attack