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    Default Ties in Duels (Dante Wolfpark and Gabriel Lek)

    Ok so I am sure some of you are aware of the glitch that occurs when one party of a duel uses the shadow ninja ability first, then the other party uses a one hit kill to kill you. If the other party succeeds in doing so in one hit, then you get knocked out. HOWEVER, your shadow ninjas CONTINUE to duel and knock out the other party too.

    So thus this has occurred twice between Dante Wolfpark and me. According to him, he said he won but I won too.

    Here's a picture:

    My level 20s - (Earned in this order) Chef, Postman, Card Duelist, Brawler, Miner, Ninja, Adventurer, Pet Trainer, Fisherman, Blacksmith, Archer, Wizard, Kart Driver, Medic and Warrior

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    Default Re: Ties in Duels (Dante Wolfpark and Gabriel Lek)

    yeah those ninja should stop after your down

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