Hello to all!

My Ticket I posted in Account and Billing.

With all due of respects:

I'm fine with your decisions and changes to FreeRealms but I would like to share something I have learned from FreeRealms and then share a question.

Memories and teachings:

The first two months Freerealms was realeased was the due date of my first character. She was a pixie named Lexi. As soon as I began to play, I began to see graphical features that I wasn't excepting. In other words, they were AMAZING. I knew I was in the right online gaming world where I can find friends that I didn't have in the real world. Everything to me was perfect. The next couple of weeks I began understanding the game and I knew what to do by then. I was having a lot of fun and still am. My culture to FreeRealms has grown. I knew I had friends I could go to when I got home from school. I could battle with them, talk to them, do ANYTHING in the free world with them. FreeRealms has meant a lot because I had something to actually do on the computer. Now that the news has gone through, I really don't need my laptop anymore because I only set it up to be a YouTube sensation and make videos on FreeRealms. I got a whole bunch of software set up for the videos. I only made two subscribers in the beginning on my channel but I have been hopping for more as soon as me videos were released. This game has changed me into more social and fun, just like the Sims. I can't enjoy my last two months of Freerealms because I want to enjoy FreeRealms for a LIFETIME! My memories can't go any high in the bar because it is far from high. I really hope SOE understands that FreeRealms has been free to the community and has attracted many people. I hope SOE understands that as soon as that game poofs on March 31, 2014 that everyones friends, memories, even SC will be gone forever, but not the heart of FreeRealms. FreeRealms is a LIFESAVER to me. I made friends that I NEVER had in the real world. Because of all my friends, now I actually have some, but that memory can't go to waste. Once again, I hope SOE knows that all the memberships people paid for are wasted because they have no membership to play. Funny thing about membership---- Lifetime membership? For a LIFETIME on FreeRealms? Now FreeRealms DOESN'T have a lifetime. I really wish FreeRealms could stay just for the people who want to play it. My YouTube dream could live on and I could still have fun. I really hope SOE changes their minds and keep the game running.

My question: Is SOE giving up on FreeRealms because players are leaving?

If so, they still HAVE players who CARE. It is careless to think about more but still look at what you got. It's kind of like killing your best friend and think you don't have anymore friends when you still do. Just saying.

I REALLY HOPE FreeRealms will still in the change of minds!!! Freerealms got me friends! FRIENDS! Please re-think about this. I know I'm kind of silly for sending this in but dreams and socialness just CAN'T DIE!

Just think about it. Think about how many people will thrive to play this game. Think about how this game was actually a LIFESAVER. Think about the money people will waste because their gameplay is vanished, all the sc items and memberships GONE because FreeRealms closed.

It's all about the future to people and SOE.