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    Default They Are Back !!!!

    I am now seeing the click to win ads again but this time it is for Alice in Wonderland!

    I have won a:


    And that is it for now but I will keep checking
    Maybe new items?
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    Default Re: They Are Back !!!!

    no its so you can get the ones that you didnt get last time, since there was a limit of five for some ppl
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    Default Re: They Are Back !!!!

    Hmmm... so we can get more of those furniture items from last time?
    and I hope I can get that Tacky Sweater I missed from Christmas....
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    Default Re: They Are Back !!!!

    lol hope they show up for me soon!!! I would like some of the things I did not get during the last round

    lol I just got one!!! it is for the oversized candy cane, I sure hope it gives me the christmas light shard eventually if it still have that on there
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