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Title: TFT's Guide on How To Have a Successful Guild!

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    Default TFT's Guide on How To Have a Successful Guild!

    1) get a partner so you don't end up being forever alone in your guild

    2) think of some artistic/creative name that has the letters XYZ in it preferably all at once because it shows how modern, creative, and hipster you are

    3) create a forum. make it proboards because it's free and ur too lazy to figure out a different forum setup

    4) completely copy a popular guild site. the rules everything but change it a few times to make it seem like you're not as unoriginal as you are

    5) spam th3 poplar places in fr and other sites

    6) watch as you gain guild and forum members

    7) watch the number steadily decline because you're not MM, FRI, or Renegade

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    Default Re: TFT's Guide on How To Have a Successful Guild!

    That was beautiful, except number 7. I ran a guild which always stayed at 100, and then the backup guild around 60.
    We had nothing except a wonderful name without a single XYZ
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    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: TFT's Guide on How To Have a Successful Guild!

    I liked the guide. I always made guilds and they never really made out well. Then I joined a popular guild about a year ago called Eccentrical when it was popular.. And I made friends with the leaders and zoom ranks passed almost any member that was in the guild before me. Then 5 months later the guild became not popular and I became one of the 5 leaders. Then a couple a months ago it got popular again and its always filled.
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    Default Re: TFT's Guide on How To Have a Successful Guild!


    oh TFT u so funny
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