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    Default Sun is shiing but the clouds are gray

    So, my account is being a pain, STILL. So I am starting all over. If you want to add me my name is Summer Skywhisper1 but hopefully soon it will be Rad Skye. (Two dots above the a and a ' above the e) I know names like that are getting overused but I haven't had a name like that yet! I know most people would be like "Please help me and donate!!" but I'm not like that and I'm no in the mood to ask for anything. So yeah, if my account starts to work again I will be Ninja Anna again, but for now I'm Rad Skye
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    Default Re: Sun is shiing but the clouds are gray

    Do they allow more than one special character per name again? I tried to go from Gågë to Jüdê a few weeks back and they said they no longer allow two or more special characters per name.

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