Summer Camp continues! Each week we celebrate a different theme to get into the spirit of the season. This week’s theme is...
Racing Week!
Put the pedal to the medal and rev up those engines. It’s racing week! There are awesome race tracks and demolition derby arenas waiting to see if you have what it takes to take the checkered flag.
This is the week to level up your Kart Driver and win some trophies. It’s also a great time to try out some of the racetracks (there are five of them!) or bash your opponents on the Demolition Derby course.

Of course, racing doesn’t always mean heading to the kart track. You can race your friends across Free Realms on foot or on one of your rides. You can also take a hoverboard to one of the race tracks built in someone’s house. It’s up to you.
Whatever you do this it fast!

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Step 1: Print out the Summer Camp Activity Calendar. There will be a new one each week! Attend the events or try to complete each of the activities on your own or with friends!
Step 2: Check the game guide to find the in-game events!
The in-game events are expected to happen every Tuesday at 9am and 4pm PST, Thursdays at 3pm PST and Friday mornings at 9am PST. You can check the in-game event guide to teleport right to the party! TCG Events are expected to be held every day.
Stop by and join us for all the fun and have a great summer!
You can get to all of our Community events by using the Game Guide on your toolbar.
1: Click the Game Guide button.
2: Click the Calendar Button.
3: Click a day on the calendar to see what events are happening that day!
4: When an event is starting, click the GO button to be teleported directly to the fun.