Summer Camp continues! Each week we celebrate a different theme to get into the spirit of the season. This week’s theme is...
Beach Week!
It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the beach and Seaside is one of the best vacation spots in all of Free Realms. There’s so much to do once you arrive at the Seaside warpstone. You can swim in the cool waters, take in the sights from the top of the playground or fight your way through the Cray Caves battle encounter!
We also have the new Seaside lots! The Seaside – Cliffs is available now and a new Seaside – Beach lot will be available later this week! There are also awesome beach decorations for your house.
Stay cool and enjoy the beach this week!

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Step 1: Print out the Summer Camp Activity Calendar. There will be a new one each week! Attend the events or try to complete each of the activities on your own or with friends!
Step 2: Check the game guide to find the in-game events!
The in-game events are expected to happen every Tuesday at 9am and 4pm PST, Thursdays at 3pm PST and Friday mornings at 9am PST. You can check the in-game event guide to teleport right to the party! TCG Events are expected to be held every day.
Stop by and join us for all the fun and have a great summer!
You can get to all of our Community events by using the Game Guide on your toolbar.
1: Click the Game Guide button.
2: Click the Calendar Button.
3: Click a day on the calendar to see what events are happening that day!
4: When an event is starting, click the GO button to be teleported directly to the fun.