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    Default Suggestions Please???

    Helloooooo! Well I'm completely blocked so can anyone give me some suggestions on what to build in my Laketree lot, Sunstone Valley Lot, Lonely Island Lot, and (x2) Sandy Beach lots? I built a castle on my other Sunstone Valley lot ("Dope Castle" If you want to check it out) So I'm trying to avoid anymore castles. I greatly appreciate your help!
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    Default Re: Suggestions Please???

    Build a water park on the Sandy Beach Lot!
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    Default Re: Suggestions Please???

    I like Kyle's idea.
    Also, the Laketree lot could be a Tree House.
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    Default Re: Suggestions Please???

    A palace.
    I like Kyle's idea.
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    Default Re: Suggestions Please???

    How about job related houses - Wizard's tower, Fisherman's lodge/shack, Ninja's do jo, postman's post-office.....

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    Default Re: Suggestions Please???

    I built a track on my sandy beach lot. It used to be a pretty good place to race at.

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