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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    Awesome idea!! Sometimes I think my tractor is a car c: Broom Broom

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    Ya it might be a good idea.. but some people might not like it???? The motorcycle is somthing like the car..

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    Even if it did come out, some people would buy it and some people wouldn't. o:
    I don't think it's such a bad idea .. Maybe we could get really expensive cars .. Like a Mustang, or not-so-expensive ones, like VW Bugs. ^^

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    I'm one that enjoys fantasy. Tractors seem a little silly to me. I mean really. For farming maybe, but if these people want so much real-life stuff, why do they want tractors. You don't commonly see people driving around the beach on a tractor, now do you xD I do think cars would be fun, but perhaps another place in the world where you could drive them. Like a new area/city place in the game that would be only for driving cars. I must admit , I prefer unicorns and dragons, to tractors and cars.

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    I think this is a good idea in my opinion. Although it makes the game more realisti and exciting. I agree with Nilla. Maybe even some fanticy cars would be good.
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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    if you posted here, i suggest you read the bottom part of my post...while i personally do not want them, there are other things yo have to take into consideration...

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    Seems ok..... Maybe but they ma be expensive

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    yeah! right!
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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Cars!

    I, myself, and some of my friends have wanted cars and roads ourselves. Yes, some people go for the fantasy and non-fantasy sides. Someday cars might be in on free realms, but sometime alot of people will be using them and another time they might not. I usually try to use what I have, not want thingsi dont have. So seriously, even if you WANT something, you might not get it.

    I hope all of you that want things on free realms take my advice, and wait patiently, cause what might be coming soon might just surprise you! I mean, I wanted a farming thing where you'd have crops and animals to raise, and when I found out about Farming part of the wish came true, and now Ranching coming soon, so once thats out the FULL wish will be true. Also, I wanted some kind of restaurant thing, and diners are coming sometime after Ranching. All I know is that Ranching wil be out first sometime before next year, and probably next year will be Dining. I dont know yet but I hope this helps all of you.
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