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    Default Spreading rumors of new lands

    What is with these people starting to spread rumors of new lands releasing? Simply for speculation or attention? I find myself annoyed by these rumors and would have to restate a confirmation, instead I will enter it all in here. Many people start rumors of new lands because they want others to start speculating what the lands are like. In other people's opinion, it's an act of annoyance. Rumors can not end without a reliable source. There are times where the topic starter gives a fake link and a website disguised to look like a reliable source. It is advised not to click the link even if they used a site to shorten their links. Back on topic, there is a way to end rumors. Proving that you can find it in the official forums and post the quote at the topic.

    In general, I only wish that some of the FRI members should reconsider and stop making rumors. Nobody wants to see disappointment, people want to see "What is [area] going to be like?" People don't want to see "[area] will release on [month] [day]."

    I hope you read this well and please stop your actions.


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    Default Re: Spreading rumors of new lands

    Hi Yoshi,

    While we understand your frustration about new land release dates, our forums are a place for members to express the opinions (in a tactful way), ideas, and basically is a place for our community to get to know one another. If member ideas revolve around what they hope to see in the future of Free Realms then we will respect their opinions, just as you would hope they would respect yours.

    Unless a topic/idea breaks the rules of Free Realms or Free Realms Insider, then it is allowed on the forums. We do ask that all chat be kept friendly; however, so I am going to close this thread to prevent further responses.

    In the future, if you have questions or comments about what is or isn't allowed on FRI, feel free to contact a staff member! We'd be glad to help.

    Jillian Rosehill
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