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    Icon8 SOE Naughty or Nice

    Over the year SOE has excited us and disapointed us and has kept secrets from us, now it's time to chose have they been naughty or nice.
    Here are my points tally
    Nice: Helping us with our problems
    Not fliping at us whenerver we go OB
    Planing fun events for us
    Spending all day building a great game for us

    Naughty: Keeping secrets from us ie: nerfs
    Hideing that some jobs are on tryal the bigiest example of this is with the new fishing job whear is the olny people who knew that it was a tryal were the people who A have expierd thear tryal (like me) B: heard frome someone else that it was a tryal or C asked SOE ( I dont think anybody rly would)
    Beeing the first free to play MMORPG with a members olny story line
    Haveing the holyday special quest members olny (that should be ilegal in a free to play game)


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    Default Re: SOE Naughty or Nice

    All of their holiday events have a members only portion...
    How have they kept secrets from us? They basically showed us pictures of everything from the Dec 14th update months before it was even made. If anything, they aren't discrete enough.
    The hidden trial jobs are annoying. I was somewhat glad I would be able to become Level 20 in Fisherman, when all of a sudden the trial attacks me.

    Naughty or Nice is not my decision. That's Santa's job; I only have his hat.
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: SOE Naughty or Nice

    tthere is a trial????

    i think they are on the nice list, they brought me lots of joy.
    Huh? I see that you aren't "Undercover". Well grab a mustache and join the fun!

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