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Title: Is SOE dropping the game?

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    Default Is SOE dropping the game?

    Shutdown. We know it's happening, it's not an April Fools joke, the whole story. However, ever since the shutdown was announced there's been nothing added in-game except for a SC decoration, and I can't confirm if that's true or not. However, I found this quote from Steve George, SOE producer quite interesting. Here it is:

    "We will share details on the upcoming activities and sunset soon, but we wanted to give you plenty of notice so you can truly enjoy your remaining time left in the game. We thank you for all the memories we have made together in the Realms!"

    Are we actually getting any new content at all, even some sort of special goodbye celebration, because with 24 days left for the game, I would expect some sort of confirmation that we are getting a proper farewell from the team. However, I wouldn't expect SOE to do anything else with Free Realms, as my expectations have been declining for months now. I'd be happy with a confirmation that the game is officially dead, at least that would provide some closure. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Is SOE dropping the game?

    They might give us one last big update, but they'll probably be late doing it, like they are with most updates.

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    Default Re: Is SOE dropping the game?

    I reread that post the other day and realized that they had said that they would have "activities" related to the sunset. That made me feel a little bit better about the game closing down, and I hope that they will keep their word about that. I've been checking Free Realms as well as the fan sites every day and so far I've heard no news about it. Although at this point I'm not really expecting much from them, but if they were to do a little something for us before it's time to say goodbye that would be really nice. I'm still keeping my hopes up, though.

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    Default Re: Is SOE dropping the game?

    Why would they add any more content to a game that they have already announced will be shutting down? They are already cutting back on bug fixes and everything else at this point, it just doesn't make sense. The SOE employees probably want to get started on their new project already, I imagine that they are excited to do something new for a change. My bet is that they stopped caring about the status of FR along time ago.
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    Default Re: Is SOE dropping the game?

    Can people just think and realize that the game is gonna die at the end of March? Does it matter if there's "new" content? No. Does it matter at all? No. If people actually use their brain, then they will move on and deal with it.
    Really, who cares? Free Realms is going to shut down this month. And obviously the game is dead. I think it's a good thing they put some thought into closing it down. It may be for the best. Who knows. But, really think...they probably wouldn't add new content, that's stupid. And before I add a "No duh comment" you're just going to have to move on. And for the sakeā€¦I don't know why people would cry over this...

    There are way too many threads about the sunset of Free Realms.
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