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    Default Something funny

    "This was my failed attempt at getting some freebies. I sent in a question to the help center and tried to **** up to them, but all I got was the official legal answer. Nothing unexpected. Its pretty funny if you like this kind of stuff.

    I was thinking, if everyone that read this message sent in the exact same question to the help center, we might actually get the attention of the sony people. Strength in numbers,right?

    Discussion Thread Response (Referee Blue)05/09/2009 07:04 AM Greetings Price Ofpersia!

    Thank you for contacting the Customer Support Department in Free Realms. My name is Referee Blue and I'm here to help you as best as I can!

    I see you're anxious to get your hands on some special rewards! Unfortunately, Referees aren't handing out any cool rewards at this time, but you should keep your eyes peeled when/if we ever start to hand out special goodies. I can't make any promises though, so you'll just have to wait and see! I hope you're enjoying in Free Realms and everything the game has to offer.

    Also, you write a very nice poem, thanks so much for the compliments to the Referees! I wish I could give you a reward for that heart felt poem, but we both wouldn't want any Chugawugs or Robgoblins chasing me down now!

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Happy Adventures!

    Referee Blue
    Free Realms Customer Support Customer (kingtut7 soe)05/09/2009 06:43 AM I read on the referee page that you guys can give out rewards. So you know, could I get some rewards... if you would be so kind?

    I even wrote you guys a poem
    Its called: Ode to Referee

    Oh you magnanimous referee
    how your power and might
    amazes and mesmerizes me.

    If you could be so kind
    to give this free realms player
    some peace of mind.

    This can be easily done
    if you just click a few buttons
    giving me rewards is alot of fun!

    I would be satisfied with even a dime
    although i would prefer more
    oh, and thank you for your time!

    If you'll look past the bad poetry
    you'll find a good person
    who wants to play in realms that are free.

    the bottom part with the poem is what i sent in, and the top part of the email is the response i got...
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    Default Re: Something funny

    ROFL! I couldn't help but to laugh when I got to end of the poem.

    I want to send them a message now. xD

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    Default Re: Something funny

    hahahahahahah that is hilariouse i am sorry but i really couldn't help laughing(i fell of my chair not kidding!) hahahahahahahahahahah

    i meant the poem is hilarious btw
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    Default Re: Something funny

    That's awesome. They really should have given you something for that. Plus, they could post that up somewhere in the game. I'd probably fall over laughing if I saw again this on a wall in FR somewhere.
    Good job.


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    Default Re: Something funny

    thanks guys

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    Default Re: Something funny

    I agree, you should have gotten something or at the very least your poem should have been posted somewhere. Too bad their answer wasn't very specific, but your poem was funny and cute.

    " I Became Insane, With Long Intervals Of Horrible Sanity. "
    - Edgar Allen Poe -

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