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    Default Someone Harm Our Guild !

    I just logged in today, and I was in Sanctuary, when suddenly a pixie girl (not say the name) of <XXXXX> guild say this :(please don't talk bad about other guilds. One person does not reflect on the whole guild) - Zadira

    Her : Ughh...Insiders
    Me : What do you say ? (I coming to her)
    Her : -stinks-
    Me : Hey, do not harm Insiders like that !
    Her : You're In sader

    Me : What !!

    And then she gone. I was angry after that. Why she dare to harm Insiders like that ?
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    Default Re: Someone in <Renegade> Harm Our Guild !

    Well Just ignore her, or just say I like your pants or shirt or something like that, there was a main post about a couple weeks ago but I can't find the link. It has to do something about this and how you can do something about it.
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    Default Re: Someone in <Renegade> Harm Our Guild !

    Yeah i read about that nice combat!! If they say stuff like that, then oh well. The world isnt going to blow up!!

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    Default Re: Someone in <Renegade> Harm Our Guild !

    Cool. People say weird things LOL

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