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    Default Soccer tips from Anya

    1) In quests where you have to tackle opponent a number
    of times, focus on them instead of scoring.
    You can tackle them whether they have a ball or not.
    Once tackling quota is met, focus on winning the game.

    2) Sometimes there is not enough time for a power shot -
    if this is the case, try running into the corner of
    the net and doing a normal shot from there.

    3) Use 'Charge Speed Increase' to give you more time
    to set up a power shot.

    4) Your best chance for a tackle is when opponent staying
    still - for example when his teammate is making a shot.

    5) When opponent starts the game from the center, back
    off a little - this gives you better chance to intercept.

    6) Passing - don't ask teammate to pass if there is opponent
    between you two - he will give ball away.
    Same goes for backwards passes.
    If he is ahead, follow him, let him shoot and hope you can get rebound.
    Anya Tinybuzz

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    Default Re: Soccer tips from Anya

    Passing - you can do high power normal shots at walls going diagnal (idk how to spell it) to get them around your enemies.

    5) This only works in NPC games, you go back a little and when they move towards goal you do a sliding tackle to left/right

    3) thats not really the best time to use them btw.

    2) Running takes even more time, just go for the high power shot cause it has more of a chance to score.

    1) i dont think there are many quests like that.

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