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    Default Snow Days Beginning To Thaw

    Snow Days Beginning To Thaw
    Posted 3 hours, 20 minutes ago.

    The temperatures are starting to rise in Free Realms. The sun is warming up the land and that means the Snow Days holiday is coming to an end. Before too long it will be over. There’s still time to take part in all the exciting action.
    Talk to Candi Ivy every day to get a present from under the Gifting Tree. Spin the Snow Days prize wheel. Fight the Snowmen and Robgoblins who are stealing presents from under the Gifting Tree! Help out the Mayor and other residents of Snow Hill who also have daily Snow Days quests.
    Also melting away is your chance to pick up some of the fabulous Snow Days outfits from the Marketplace. Once they are gone, they won’t reappear until the next Snow Days...if at all!
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    Default Re: Snow Days Beginning To Thaw

    Thanks for the reminder. For those who are looking to finish out your wardrobes or finish Snow Days specific quests - now is the time to do it before they are no longer available.

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