So I'm half against the sunset, and their is a part of me that I want IT sunset.

Well FR has been a good game and it will. But SOE ($OE) did a bad business move and admitting that they don't care about the game and such. They should of have waited Till EQ: L and if its successful and make a decision. However it may be too late. They want it shut, fine. Let's see how EQ:L does and they'll want it back.

Another thing, I wont miss from the game is the human haters and pixie haters. I mean they take everything too serious and we never did anything to them. Like we apologized, done. Trying hard isn't going to help. Also the human vs. pixies war is so immature and dumb and makes the game look embarrassing. I mean when it sunsets. they will see reality and the fantasy will VANISH.