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    Default Secret's and glitchs in freerealms here.

    If you know a glitch or secret talk about it here.
    I know a couple glitchs and secrets not that cool but still fun.
    One secret in pixiewood cave you talk to the party planner by the teleporting stone thing and he will port you to pixiewood caves. there is also a daily thing but its cloud jumps guy by the party planner and he ports you to the cloud world.
    a glitch is at hiroad hijinx and you keep jumping on gate and soon you will get in he gate.

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    Default Re: Secret's and glitchs in freerealms here.

    I discovered...... 2-3 Glitches, Flying, fading/being less visable, and i forgot the other one suprisingly. but i will not share how to

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    Default Re: Secret's and glitchs in freerealms here.

    sorry but not many are going to sacrafice secrets where they can be fixed. Better off asking in game
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