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Title: Rumbledome! Officially Opens On March 21st!

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    Icon11 Rumbledome! Officially Opens On March 21st!

    Posted on the Free Realms page about 21 hours ago...

    Baron vonDarkcheat has been defeated.

    Fresh from his downfall at the hands of the Realmskeepers, Baron vonDarkcheat has vanished from Free Realms. Witnesses have placed him on the newly opened road to the rough lands of Sunstone Valley, but Madame Zelda believes his power is greatly reduced and is no longer a threat.
    Months have passed and the Realmskeepers have grown restless, waiting for a new challenge. As trade routes to Sunstone Valley opened up, word began to spread of a gang of chopper-riding Dwarves called the Skullz, and a shadowy figure that had designs set on the lush lands below Snowhill. The Realmskeepers immediately offered to go investigate. Madame Zelda was troubled by visions of rusty iron, strange creatures made of rock, and winged dragons. She begged the Realmskeepers to wait while she prepared strong magic to protect them. Of course they didn’t listen, and immediately left for Sunstone Valley.
    And of course, they disappeared.
    Having heard no word from them for a week, she has once again called upon you to search for the Realmskeepers and, using your Card Duelist skills, rescue them if necessary. As you walk out of her camp in Blackspore Swamp, she leaves you with one last piece of advice.
    “Beware the Rumbledome,” she whispered.
    Rumbledome!, the fifth release for the Free Realms Trading Card Game, launches on Thursday, March 21st, 2013! This all new set features new game cards, new virtual rewards and a brand new quest line that takes you deep into Sunstone Valley. Report to Madame Zelda’s camp in Blackspore Swamp to begin your journey, and pick up packs in the Marketplace to unlock the adventure!
    Here’s a sneak peek at some of the unsavory characters and strategies you might face in the Rumbledome!
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    Default Re: Rumbledome! Officially Opens On March 21st!

    Hey hey, this works out great. Im off from work tommorow so if theres a new questline I will be sure to complete it. I wonder if there will be another hoverboard ride reward for completing the questline.

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