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    Default [ RULE ] Talking about Scamming or scammers is NOT allowed.

    Over the past several months, we here at have noticed a great increase in what we call "scammer reports" from our members on the forum. While we have a great deal of sympathy for those who have experienced this, we (the staff) have no authority in Free Realms and as a result of this, we cannot be held responsible for bad or irresponsible trades made in the TCG or Trade windows inside the game.

    The increase in this discussion and these reports have continued to bring bad light to a situation that we cannot verify, and these reports accuse members of a very serious matter. While we appreciate and thank those who have continued to help members learn good trading practices, this is not always the purpose and attitude of the thread, and can seriously damage a players reputation within the game and our forums.

    Moving forward, we are putting the following rules and policy in place:

    No scamming discussion is to be created or continued in any section of the forums. The staff at have no authority in Free Realms and cannot assist in the recovery or review of any scamming situation found within the game. Any threads or posts accusing another member of scamming will be removed by the staff, as we cannot verify these claims in any way. With or without the character names, this information is not to be posted on our site.

    Matters concerning the Free Market should be addressed privately to a staff member through a private message or reporting a post/message with the details involved in the trade. This in no way gives a member the authority to create a post or thread making accusations of scamming or bad trades, and we would like to remind everyone that the Free Market is trade at your own risk.

    All concerns need to be sent to the consumer support and Referee department within SOE, using either the in game ticket feature or help tools found here: The Referees at SOE will be able to help you address the problem and any concerns you may have with your trade or another player.

    Please note that this also applies to "guild scammers" and situations involving other players within these guild systems.
    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
    --FRI Staff.
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