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Title: Royal Vault

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    Default Royal Vault

    What is The Royal Vault and How do I Get Tickets?

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    Default Re: Royal Vault

    The Royal Vault used to be a place to deposit tickets for prizes ranging from weapons to clothes. It used to be very popular because it even gave loads of adventurer clothes and gear for the various jobs that could not be found through regular ways.

    After the December update, the Vaults were nerfed to have a fixed list of items to give until it was closed for renovation somewhere within the next month.

    Before, you could get tickets by doing quests, minigames or battles, but since the Vault is closed, you can't get any right now.
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    Default Re: Royal Vault

    Yes, is it coming back though?

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    Default Re: Royal Vault

    wow... I never heard of it coming back too...

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