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    Default Ride Track? Possible New Additions!

    Sanctuary is the center of the Free Realms World and the beloved Pet Park has been dug up!

    This is what Manager Shin had to say:

    "I hope you're not here for the pet park 'cuz we've gone and ripped it out!
    Why? Well the ride track's supposed to be a secret -- Uh oops. You didn't hear nothing from me!"

    Behind him are arches probably markings like in races --the checkpoints. The ground has been dug down and the pet park is significantly smaller.

    What is to be of this new addition is still unknown. Although this is not certain, our guess is that from the hint of "rides" and the new addition of animals and hoverboards, it gives us a pretty good idea of what is to be the outcome.

    (Sorry for no pictures. Technical Difficulties, but be sure to check it out!)
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    Default Re: Ride Track? Possible New Additions!

    ...Sorry, a little late there bro, there were a few threads for this about a week ago or something. But thanks for trying! P.S. My dog is really sad and angry that they're destroying the dog park.

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    Default Re: Ride Track? Possible New Additions!

    I've been messin around with that track sense it was there :]

    i love it lol :]
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    Default Re: Ride Track? Possible New Additions!

    yep.. me and a friend of mine were doing ride race in that track..just random sillyness

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