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Hey all, listen to RealmsCast #2 HERE!

Today I talk about the explorer job, one of my current fav's. I love running around looking for new things to discover.

Then, I take a small trip through the Palace in the middle of Sanctuary. It's not only beautiful, but the quests take you through more of the Lore. If you would like to see how it looks inside the palace, watch below:


As you can see, the Palace is one of the coolest buildings in game! I would encourage anyone to go see Sal Monella to start down the path to the inside of the Palace!

And then I talk about this awesome little Zoo I found in game, while wandering around like a noob. If you go to the place I have circled on the map below, you will find the Zoo!

I wish they had a full zoo, with every animal/creature in the game there to watch. Speaking of collections of animals, check out the two threads I mention at the end of the show:

Here is the thread (Survey of Birds in Free Realms) from Free Realms Insider and this is the thread from the official forums.

Next week we are going to go over the postman job, so email/call with any tips/hints/stories about the job!

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Beau Realmscaster