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    Default Realistically...Rocker Pants?

    I've been needing some Rocker pants. I finally figured out how I'll get them! I'll donate a kidney, who needs two kidneys anyway. or perhaps an arm and a leg will suffice? ;p really though, FR needs to start re-releasing rocker pants in some way, shape or form because the amount of money/items (even real money) that people ask for them is beyond ridiculous. I could go out and buy a real pair of pants to wear in real life for the money people have been wanting for them lol. I've collected just about every other item in TCG that I've been looking for, I've been playing FR since nearly the beginning but I wasn't into TCG at first. Now I feel like, I want them but it almost seems foolish to spend so much on them? but now I'm sure to get a response to this in that condescending tone, "Well If you really want them you'll pay the 35 or whatever dollars sc or trade your entire supply of old vaults. What's the big deal?" The big deal is that one of my friends who played from day one got hers in a simple pack of cards, no hassle no paying outrageous prices. Now I'm wondering if I were to really donate that kidney I talked about will that even be enough?

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    Default Re: Realistically...Rocker Pants?

    For real.... I could get several pairs of pants that I can really wear for less than only part of what I would pay for pants that will never benefit me in real life.

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