1) If you are interested in lore, I strongly recommend the
quest line in Pixie Roayal Palace.

2) So far, the highest reward instance I've seen was
Mushroom Caves, with 800 coin reward for members.

3) If you dont neet instance XP, you can quit as soon
as 'parent' quest is done.

4) Sometimes you get no auto path to quest target NPC,
but he still shows up on minimap when in range.

5) The green dots for quest NPCs will disappear from mini-map
once quest is done, unless quest is repeatable.

6) One way to level different combat jobs without repeatable
quests is to just quest around - one of the tasks will
eventually lead you into instance and you can switch to
the combat job you want to level.

7) You can click on a 'hand' icon for a far-away object -
usually your char will auto-run to it and pick it up.
This can help with timed collection quests.

Some quests are bugged - for example the 'kill 12 golems'
quest in Mushroom Caves stops giving you credit after 6th
kill. When this happens, quit the dungeon and return to
kill the other 6.

9) Playing checkers and chess is easy way to make some quick
coin - the opponent AI is very low.

10) Go into options and check the "Auto-select new quests" -
this will allow you to keep better track of current task.
This option is off by default.

11) Postman quest in Sanctuary - finish one street, then go to another -
not necessarily in order that arrows suggest.
Anya Tinybuzz