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    Default Problem with Pets

    I noticed a problem with my 2 pets since the last update. I am able to feed and bathe them without incident. When I have them try to do a trick however, they stand there looking at me, and then I am unable to turn them off.

    It's a easy avoided problem, since it only happens when trying to play with them. Just wondering if anyone had noticed the same thing.

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    Default Re: Problem with Pets

    I had this problem but my pet was under the floor so i didn't really noticed if he did anything

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    Default Re: Problem with Pets

    I've had this issue, myself. Your character doesn't seem to say anything, either, right? The Trick box fades out, and back in after some time, for me, so it seems like the system believes the pet is still performing. It doesn't do much for the pet's activity stat. In light of this issue, I typically pet my pets to increase the bar now.
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