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Title: Problem:

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    Default Problem:

    So I posted an offer to trade unwanted stuff for money. TheThing offered to trade with me. When we where in-world we were in the trading process, and I put the money I was going to give him.
    He said "Is that all you have?"
    Me: "No."
    Him: "Show me what you have"
    Me: -I show him my 6326 coins-
    Him: "Is that all you have?"
    Me: "Yeah"
    Him: "Sorry, I want 200 grand for each item"
    -He cancels the trade-

    My Point:
    Do people really have that much money ALL the time? Honestly, I thought I had a pretty good amount of coins... Am I wrong?

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    Default Re: Problem:

    Well I usually have 800k-1 million coins on hand.
    But if you said you were buying unwanted items, you shouldn't pay more than 2k per item.
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