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Title: Power Hour

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    Default Power Hour

    Just logged on to see something in bottom right hand corner called POWER HOUR. 2X coin bonus for an hour. Not sure if this is gonna be an everyday thing, but for those of you who saved your tournament winnings from the TCG events. Right now would be a good time to cash them in with a wheeler scroll too!!! Cashed all mine in and got about 250,000 coins. ex....with power hour and wheeler scroll, my 1,000 coins became 2,250 coins.

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    Default Re: Power Hour

    i should've stocked up on those winnings.
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    Default Re: Power Hour

    yeah i did the same thing today i had a coin flow weapon and a coin scroll and the power hour i made over 150k just from all the tournment winnings i made alot in a little time

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    Default Re: Power Hour

    Power Hour is daily. It happens for the first hour that you're online (members only).
    Wow, if only I was actually good at TCG.
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