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    Default post on scammers

    if you or a friend got scammed or see ppl spamming plz post on this thread so you can help others know who to watch out for. and fell free to talk about what happened and how/why thx fr helping us all

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    ok i'll start uhhh oh yeah there was this one guy i forget his name sry it was a while ago and he said he would give me ayani stuff fr like sure and we went into trade he exited and said he needed to find it. then back he started moving sround things randomly and tricked me into giving him 5k fr a teddy bear.i also keep getting spammed out of my own guilds i made 5 already and the other four were taken from other ppl and a person who claimed to be the owner of free realms son.
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    Default Re: post on scammers

    I'm sorry, but these issues should be dealt with in game with the referees. FRI can not help with issues that took place in game.

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