So today me and my cousins went swimming, and I suddenly had an idea: we should play Pirate's Plunder, in the pool! But how? I decided to invent it!

Pool Pirates
You will need:
A swimming pool
2 or more players
1 person outside the pool/not playing
5 or more coins (preferably pennies)
As many pool rings as players (if you can get these)

Object: To collect as many coins as possible.

1. Have each player choose a base, marking it with a pool ring or other item.
2. Have all the players close their eyes and your non-player toss the coins into the pool, randomly and not in the bases.
3. Each player goes to their base.

Each player must try to find as many coins as possible. They must grab the coins and carry them back to their base. However, other players can stop them by touching them. If you are touched, you must drop any coins you have and swim to your base. If you try to enter someone else's base, you must give them your coins and swim back to your base. When all the coins are collected, whoever has the most wins!

So what do you guys think? Would this be fun?