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    Default Podcast Review

    There will be new farming updates, it was hinted at that there might be new farming items.

    Free Realms now has a YouTube channel:

    I believe it was said there are no new quests for this years Spooktacular, though he couldn't say it with a straight face even though Referee Ruby demanded an answer.

    Spooktactular is scheduled to arrive the 14th, and last into November.

    New items and costumes for Spooktacular including unicorn hats, zombie clothes, t-rex hat, spider hat, bat mount, and wolf mount!

    Kangaroo mount is to be released soon.

    Chapter two is in progress.

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    Default Re: Podcast Review

    SWEET! Thanks For Giving Us A Heads Up Chosen One

    ~*~*~*~*~*~ Zim Invader

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