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Title: Playing now

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    Default Playing now

    Hey well I am going to go play for a awhile I will be on server 1 since I really wanna met some of you, of course I will hav no clue where I am cause I wonder but I know I am in snowhill in the robgoblin wizard cave for the time being for a quest
    Just look for me or add me to friends or how ever

    Ginny Lavacrest

    when I log out i will post here

    OMG what a joke

    So I went to sancuary since i needed help with refinding my quest figured with all the ppl there someone would help but no not a single sole out of the at least 2 dozen ppl standing there but I got invited to many guilds but did not join one
    tried toask another question how many guilds can one person join again no one would answer just kept getting invites
    1 guild I was semi interested in a pokemon fan club one they would not answer my questiones either

    so I am changing servers going back tomy nice quiet 6

    oh well my time is up
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