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Title: * Player Studio Wishlist *

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    Default * Player Studio Wishlist *

    There are way too many Player Studio (PS) T-shirts in the SC Marketplace. I also have way too many T-shirts in my inventory, such that I won't buy them anymore. I am wondering if the PS Creators could make and submit items other than T-shirts. If so, here is my wishlist:

    1. camo combat fatigue pants, to match my camo combat T-shirt. This outfit looks cool with a pair of medic or combat boots (regular/buckled/strapped/grooved), and a beret.

    2. an adventurer weapon, like another rifle (in addition to the Shuffle Sh00ter) - for example, AK-47 and M-16. If those rifles look violent, how about making a BB gun that looks like a double-barrel shotgun? They could name it as "Ceremonial Shotgun?" ROFL.

    3. Instead of making the "Gearbook Laptop" as a housing item gathering dust/cobwebs, it could have been categorized as a Weapon or Misc, so that the player could carry it as an adventurer. It would look nice if the laptop is actually (I meant vitually, lol) on your lap while seated on the lawn chair. (:

    Do you have some ideas that would inspire the PS Creators to make and submit to the SC Marketplace? This thread might serve as a feedback or survey of items that would likely be bought by the players. I believe the PS Creators get a royalty for their created items(s) sold in the SC Marketplace.

    What's in your wallet... I meant wishlist? (:
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