Hi all,

Hope you're enjoying yourselves! Just for fun, I wanted to see which places do you guys like the most in FR, it can be a top 3, top 5, or just a mention, have fun with this one! Here's my list (NOTE: I play on PS3 so some places we don't have yet but hopefully soon.)!

1. Seaside: Simply because of its beauty, and it really makes you feel like hitting a beach, plus it features a fun game in Pirate's Plunder and features Cray Caves which is one of the more colorful, beautiful looking combat mini games as well as the awesome speedway. Plus, it's an excellent hangout spot. It's a large space and "perfect beach" type of feel and also features probably the best postman games because they are more challenging due to the larger area. Not to mention, the trampolines, the large ocean to swim in (obviously, an invisible wall is there if you go out too far) and there are numerous quests to play as well with some giving clothing rewards which is always a great treat. Seaside is the ultimate spot in Free Realms in my opinion, great way to have fun and hangout.

2. Briarheart: Now, I know this is the smallest spot in the whole game and is not even its own place (Part of Briarwood) but the way all of the trees are, the river and the castle that looks just like the Sanctuary castle but it's much darker and also looks great on the inside and the story of Briarheart and Darkthorne is interesting and the path going to the castle for the first time starting from the back of the fort, gives you that "what am I going to expect?" feel and the music is well done there as well. It also is a great place if you're a miner as there are a few miner games for the higher level players not to mention you have two level 13 battles including the fairly popular Briarheart Caverns battle which includes level 20 gear if you win and get lucky on the wheel. there's a also a treasure chest at the location if you find keys from Robgoblin Junkpiles. Briarheart is a very well done spot despite being so tiny. Big ups to the heart and soul of Briarwood.

3. Sanctuary (and the wilds): Obvious choice here, the heart and soul of Free Realms. It's a great place to run into new people to be friends with and also features the Sanctuary castle, Pixiewood which is very well done, and the beautiful wilds, huge amounts of mini games and the lush green grass and trees make Sanctuary a dream place if you're a lover of nature and what it has to offer. Plus, you never know what secrets or quests you uncover in the hugest location in Free Realms.

Honorable Mention: Snowhill: Pretty much a no brainer, this, like Seaside is a very popular hangout spot and features snowballs, great battles, quests and shows off snow in all of its glory and beauty and features in my opinion, the most beautiful fishing spots in all of Free Realms. Snowhill is a classic and fun location.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed and let me know which places are YOUR favorites! Thanks guys!

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