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    Default Pirate ship in the sky

    If you've been to the coast lately you may have seen the pirate ship in the sky.
    I managed to make it up to the ship and then to the bow of the ship -
    at the tip of it's bow needle and took some photos to share.
    Click on a photo to see the larger view.

    The smokey part to the ship is
    the smoky cloud bridge - you
    take it if you make it up to it.
    of course the bridge itself isn't easy to
    tranverse. Below of course are
    the jump pads and part of the
    obstacle course.

    From this view you see the
    cliffs behind.

    From this side you see the
    pirate ship that is on the
    water for the pirate mini game.
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    Default Re: Pirate ship in the sky

    nice photos and i ahve not noticed that.
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