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Title: Pipebomb Alert!: The Free Realms Shutdown/TFT Bantering

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    Default Pipebomb Alert!: The Free Realms Shutdown/TFT Bantering

    Well. If you haven't noticed I've become relatively more active since the announcement of the FR shutdown. You've probably also noticed how my latest posts on "serious" topics are pretty short and sweet compared to previous posts of multiple paragraphs on "serious" topics. Well, imagine Layla and Zyon combining into one poster. Imagine the size of thee posts they would make. Well, now double that. There you go. Time for this monster.

    In case this is the first thread you've seen, you have pretty much everybody on block, and/or you live under a rock it's been announced that Free Realms will be shutting doors on the 31st of March as are Clone Wars Adventures, Vanguard and Wizardry (I don't remember the name, but it's some game I'm almost certain nobody has heard about). Apparently it's so they can work on yet another Everquest game; EverquestNext or something like that. Of course, there's speculation and controversy on not only the reasoning but if this is an actually going to happen. Since the 31st of March is a day before April 1st (April Fool's Day), people have been speculating that this is all just a prank... but that doesn't necessarily add up. Vanguard and Wizardry are shutting down on July 31st. It'd make little to no sense for them to shut down Free Realms and Clone Wars, then put those two back up and then actually shut down Vanguard and Wizardry when all 4 were announced to be shut down.

    So, this is real. Free Realms is facing the same fate as pretty much every Disney game that doesn't have the initials CP.

    The end.

    Okay, maybe not. There's more. Believe it or not, people are actually complaining about SOE being greedy! I know right? Rather than just go in even more paragraphs, I'm just going to quote select posts from the Official Free Realms Fanpage (off of Facebook). I know that Fanpages and Facebook usually aren't filled with as much "thought" as forums. I don't have names because I have a feeling that would break some rule even though they posted it publicly. Whatever.

    They should give many back for life time passes and station cash ^^
    Why? If a grocery store closes down, you don't get money back for all the food you purchased do you? Of course, this is implying that this person wants money back for the SC that they already spent in the SC store. You made a purchase of SC so you could buy something out of the store. You exchanged your dollars for virtual dollars which you then exchanged for a product of some kind. You got something out if it and they did too. They don't owe you a thing. If this isn't what they're implying, then oh well. If you have a decent amount of station cash in your wallet then yeah, sure whatever. But if you have like 76 station cash (which is equal to $0.76), then don't even bother. I'm also pretty sure that you can link accounts so SC can be used on all SOE games but with the FR player mentality of "OOH I H8 THIS COMPANY U RUINED FR" I doubt they will. As for lifetime membership you can be in the following situations:

    A) You just purchased lifetime membership
    B) You've been a lifetime member for quite a while now

    If you're in situation A, then yes they should give you some kind of refund. Not the full money you paid but charge you for 2 months membership and give you back the difference. They should also not allow anymore lifetime memberships to be bought so that people don't buy hoping to be lifetime 4ever and only get like less than 2 months of gameplay.

    If you're in situation B, then get over it. It's not like a magazine subscription where you make continuous payments every month, you make a single payment of $35.00 (or however much it costs now) and the rest is all on you.

    Sorry about my words but the money that we used like me I used 200 real money to but in game stuff. Can I get my money back?
    I'm assuming "but" is buy. And like I said above... why? Why would they give you a refund if you already bought it? "OH BUT TFT WE CANT USE IT ANYMORE HURPADURPADURP". Yes, but were you using it before? Did you actually use your Angel Feathers that you got from your TCG pack? Probably not and that illusion lasts like 30 minutes anyway. But it costs 2.50. Did you want money back? Do you go on hourly rotations on the rides you bought? Ironically, most of the people who want money back are the same people who say "WOW SOE THIS SC ITEM SUCKS" or "WOW SOE MORE SC ITEMS" or "WOW SOE THIS SC ITEM IS TOO MUCH" but then they usually buy it anyway.

    We should at least get something if we have lifetime
    Why? Lifetime members make one single payment while people with the one month memberships pay monthly. Don't we already get stuff anyway? Like.... oh I dunno. Members packs? I think it's pretty funny how people call SOE greedy yet we expect so much because them digging themselves into a hole is hindering our gaming.

    Omg,I swear Fr if you end this game...Oh oh your dead
    My dead? What? Sorry, I couldn't resist. According to multiple "sources" Free Realms is already dead so.... looks like somebody has you covered.

    This decision just cause me to never put any more money into anything by Sony. This decision came out if no where. No warning at all. The game was starting to get interesting again. Very bad move on your part SOE very bad. All that money I put into this game and all the unredeem tcg I have. Man I feel like ya played me. I am very disappointed SOE.
    So many points to get at here! So very exciting! So it looks like there will be no purchases of PS3, PS4, Playstation Network, PSVita, PSP, games for said consoles and/or Walkman's at her household.

    I know I said it was unexpected in a previous thread and in a sense it was, but what do you expect?

    "This is John Smedley. President of SOE. We need to fund yet another EverQuest game, so we're going to hint towards shutting down Free Realms, Clone Wars, and two other games that nobody has ever heard of only to eventually lead to the big reveal of us shutting them down"

    I feel like they should hire WWE to make some promo for them similar to the Undertaker's 2011 return promo or Batista's recent stuff.

    EDIT: Upon reading more, Abacus Coinmiser possibly hinted at some dramatic change in the Free Realms economy.

    If you guys don't have enough players, spend alittle of our money on advertising to get new players
    Yeah really. The only big mainstream success this game has had is a World Record like 4 years ago for having the Dares "perform" a concert for the first time in an MMO. They had a few commercials in its prime but now there's been little to no advertising. They seem to rely too much on the players.

    That's enough of that. People are even going so far as to starting PETITIONS. Anybody who's a member on the FROF knows SOE's love for petitions. People typing their name on a virtual document isn't going to help raise SOE back up. Do you seriously think that SOE doesn't know that people want their game to stay up? Of course they do. They're well aware that there are thousands of players who want SOE's (not theirs) game back. A petition is pointless. They won't bring the game back. How are they to continue to keep the game up and running if there's no money to actually fund? Again, virtual signatures is not equivalent to money.

    If they did bring Free Realms back, what's in it for them? More money? How? All the community did before they made "the big reveal" was complain and complain. SOE is running a business. Not a charity. Their goal is to make money, not babysit a bunch of kids who whine about "ohhhh this costs too much sc" or "give us cars" or "i want vocaloid outfits". The sole purpose of the changes they make is to make money. Yes, they do it to make people happy but in hopes that because they are happy they will buy the product.

    I'm not just going to bag on the players, because it's not exactly all their fault. SOE should listen to their player's requests. Yes, they did that in a way with Player's Studio for items and it's actually fair. It's free, and if you want something you're gonna have to make it yourself. But stuff such as combat, minigames all of that and especially when there have been in-depth descriptions of what we would like to see rather than just "duhh urrara u should make combat diffrent". There is elaboration on the subject and not just demands. Some of the updates have been horrible and I really don't know why they did that coin-wheel thing yet still have that achievement where you have to earn an unholy amount of coins.

    All in all, the game won't come back. There's no point in trying. The time trying to fight for a lost cause could easily be used to be with the friends on Free Realms that you care about. When the final week does come, don't grieve but rather celebrate all the good times you and your friends have shared. Good things always end, right?

    The end.
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    Default Re: Pipebomb Alert!: The Free Realms Shutdown/TFT Bantering

    This guy gets it.

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    Default Re: Pipebomb Alert!: The Free Realms Shutdown/TFT Bantering

    I have to say Trident this is just your opinion and I think it is not right for you to criticize and cut everyone down like you did. As you said you haven't been much of a active player lately.

    One thing I have to say about these comeback remarks and comparisons of real money spent on here as buying something consumable in real well many people bought as an investment in the game adding on believing in it's future. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one should criticize anyone else about how that person feels.

    I find it offensive even though none of my remarks were mentioned in your "bantering". The whole Sunset should have been handled sooner and differently with more consideration of it's customers. Free Realms is a one of a kind online game. I know of no other like it. Most games out that are all about combat, racing, etc., not all but most.
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    Default Re: Pipebomb Alert!: The Free Realms Shutdown/TFT Bantering

    ^He is right about everything he said in that rant. I really do not need to add any more to it but I will comment only on the last criticism because it is the most important. The only way that FR could be saved at this point would be for it to undergo a complete transformation meaning lots of content expansions, changes in community policies, advertising, etc. in the immediate future and this would require a lot of human resources/programmers who are obviously not going to work for free so this would also require a lot of financial resources as well. Now the problem with all that is, if the game is already not making enough money that SOE had to lay off 50% of their workforce back in August and that FR is facing a shutdown now, how are you going to pitch this idea to the corporate executives that run the company? "Hey look, we know this game isn't doing well and losing us money but if you only throw a lot more money on it (high risk) so that it can possibly do better in the future (uncertain reward) then we can (maybe) save this game." That isn't exactly going to bold well in that conference. The point is there is no saving FR at this point, to do that you would need a time machine and go back in time and warn SOE that this would happen... Sort of like what I have been trying to do for a year... The problem you'd still be facing then is that SOE would still probably not listen... Therefor this was inevitable.
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