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    Icon11 Phew! My Guild Almost got stolen!

    Hey everybody just wanted to let you know my guild indeception was almost stolen! I had me as a leader and my friend my friend must have made someone else a leader and they kicked everyone out of my guild and used it for themselves but when i got on this morning i tried to make a guild with the same name and it worked! i am now never going to make anyone a leader in my guild except me so that is doesnt get stolen ever again! phew that was a close one!
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    Guild - Indeception

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    Default Re: Phew! My Guild Almost got stolen!

    Lol I think he deleted that guild so you can make the same one.
    Yeah he is banned since November.I dont think I remember his name

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    Default Re: Phew! My Guild Almost got stolen!

    Oh I am so glad you were able to get your guild back. WONDERFUL!!!

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