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    Default The pet party Saturday night and Sunday morning

    I did the pet party in the very early AM Sunday morning. Strangely there were no Ref's there. There was an NPC you could click on to show your pet to. Not really the same and the free gift given was 15 coin.

    I showed my ghost kitties tricks. All the tricks showed up like when I was a pet trainer, so had him do them all. They had improved on the tricks, very nice. Playing dead has kitty standing on this two back legs with paws in the air, then staggers back as if show and then falls back on his back as if dead. Having him speak has him making kitty words that sound much like I wuv you. Jump - jumps very high now. The dance command had him doing the robot, which is strange. On the dance floor he always does break dancing.

    The surprising part was that after each trick his food and cleanliness quotant went down - so ended up feeding and shampooing him four times just for the pet party.

    Wish at least one Ref had attended and that we could have had some pet programs, and maybe something other then the 15 coins. Say a Pet T-SHirt that said "I went to the pet party".
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    Default Re: The pet party Saturday night and Sunday morning

    The pet tricks have always been like that. The tricks do improve depending on your pet's happiness, though, perhaps that's what it was? Previously, when Pet Trainer was available, it would depend on the pet's level and your performance.
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