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Title: Other lands?

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    Default Other lands?

    When playing freerealms, I see arrows pointing to other lands, How do you get there?

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    Default Re: Other lands?

    By walking....

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    Default Re: Other lands?

    Are you talking about the lightly shaded areas? The ones that are mostly brownish?
    If so,
    Those are "Undeveloped Areas". They are areas SOE plans to add in the future(ish).
    They are also sometimes referred as " OOB " areas, which stands for "Out Of Bounds".

    You can not get to those areas without "Glitching", which is exploiting a cheat which allows you to bypass the invisible walls SOE has set up for us.
    Please don't try to get to them. You can get into serious trouble with an Enforcer.

    I hope this helps--->

    You won't find me on FreeRealms anymore. If you want to meet me in Mabinogi, my IGN is Svanett & I'm on server Alexina.

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