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    Default Old Friends, New Friends

    1) Hey guys, post here if there are a couple people you want to see just 1 more time, friends you never got the chance to say bye to, or just friends you wish you never lost. ill start out:

    John Strongsurfer (Old Best Friend - Last Online: 5 Months Ago)
    Valerie Wolfcrest (Old Best Female Friend - Last Online: 2 Months Ago)
    Leonardo Devinchi (Old Best Friend - Last Online: Unknown)
    Aceboy4 (Last Online: 1 Month Ago)

    2) Now share the friends that have made FR a welcoming place, made you feel good, and have always been there for you.

    Jesse Oakenheart
    Icy Rose
    Drew Spikebill
    Veronica Truelight
    Kaden Skycliff (Inspiring)
    Siobhan Emeraldcastle

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    Default Re: Old Friends, New Friends

    ~*~crosses arms~*~ Pssh, I see how you roll. lol ~*~mumbles~*~ I don't care not being on the list. ~*~kicks virtual rock~*~
    Each Event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.

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