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    Default Oh yeah... Forgot.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.

    I'm making a Let's Play for Lost Planet 2, since I haven't had any ideas kick around my head since a long time, and I figured I might do an LP off of it. (No, this does not still make me look like I'm claimed to be chuggaaconroy. YOU'RE DARN BLOOPIN'!) If anyone has a PlayStation 3 with a copy of Lost Planet 2, feel free to VM or PM me with your PS3 Tag (...This might cause problems... I don't know why) so that way we can do some Co-Op for a bit. Right now I don't own a PS3 Headset.... but I'm challenging myself to AT LEAST get it done without it anyways. When I can start at it (...Yeah, I haven't started it) WITH Vocal commentary, At least it should be something done there :U

    Specs: Difficulty: Easy, NO A.I Players (Why Easy? Because I'm going to be ballsy (Ballsy!) with most things... also of several Category G Akrid being too hard without any A.I. Players in the game anyways), CUSTOMISED Character (...Frank West. Code used for it, and of course not the standard starting equipment), Obviously Vocal Commentary, and I think that's it.

    So that's really it... yeah, my first LP that I challenged myself into.

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    Default Re: Oh yeah... Forgot.

    Shouldn't this be in off-topic forum?

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